Welcome to St. Mark Lutheran Church!

We worship at 10:00am on Sunday morning in our sanctuary. Our primary gathering happens in person - but if you can't be with us physically, you can join us virtually on Facebook. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Watch Worship Online First Time Visitors


You can download the worship bulletin by clicking on the appropiate day below.

Worship is the center of our life together as people of God. Everyone is welcomed to participate in worship, both as a leader and a worshipper. If you would like to get more invovled, please get in touch! 


Under the direction of our Director of Music, the church choir sings weekly. The choir lends their voices to lead us in the liturgy and hymns, as well as providing special music during the worship service and on holidays.

New voices, as well as people with instrumental talents are welcomed and encouraged to participate!

Altar Guild & Technology Support

The altar guild and technology team are dedicated to making our worship run smoothly. They prepare elements for Holy Communion and make sure that the worship is ready by taking care of the linens, updating the hymn boards, arranging the flowers, and so much more! They also make sure the technology we rely on for worship is ready to go, including our livestream and Power Point slides.

The fruits of their labor behind the scenes becomes apparent each and every Sunday.

Worship Assistants

While our pastor might lead much of our worship service, we believe everyone has a role to play. On Sunday you'll see people reading scripture, collecting the offering, welcoming people to worship, serving communion, and much more! We believe that everyone is welcome to participate, both as worshipper and leader.